Mission Statement:

The main objective of Pellets on Demand Ltd is for you to be a proud owner of the Pellets on Demand System, no more carrying wood pellet bags and also you contribute at the reduction of plastic bags where bulk delivery is available.

Our reputation is built on providing top quality products, the hopper and inside unit is made of high quality fiberglass and will last forever.

The inspiration behind the premium pellet system

Upon my arrival to the NWT, I was exposed to the use of wood pellets as an alternative for heating houses and commercial buildings. The use of wood pellets is extremely economical; however, the inconvenience of handling 40lb bags during the winter season was a huge drawback.

The issue drew my attention for years until one day I decided to work on a solution. After years of research and trials, I finally had a system that eliminates the use of plastic wood pellet bags for good. By simply sliding a little door, you now have wood pellets at the ready without ever having to go outside!


There's no other system like it!

This system is the first in the world and finally, the missing link to the use of wood pellet have been found.

Pellets on Demand Ltd is interested at hearing from you if interested at becoming a distributor of the Pellets on Demand System across the country and abroad.

Purchase your own POD system today, you will be glad that you did.

Patent Pending

Heating with Oil, Gas, and Coal

Increases the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, because the combustion of fossil fuels releases ancient carbon which was previously trapped under the earth’s surface for thousands of years.

Heating with Wood Pellets

  • Pellets on Demand: Less Pollution – No more bags!
  • Certified wood or pellet stoves burn longer, cleaner, and more completely
  • Wood & Pellet stoves use renewable fuel
  • Does NOT increase the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide because trees are able to absorb this neutral carbon, just as they would with carbon produced by naturally decaying trees