Pellets On Demand Ltd.

Premium Pellet System

Outside Pellet Storage

A waterproof container accommodating 1 or 2 tons of bulk wood pellets that feeds to the wood pellet access system. Custom made for your needs.

Wood Pellet Access System

An airtight container to accommodate a week’s supply of wood pellets is mounted on the exterior wall at a desired location.
The airtight container is equipped with a funnel going inside to the access door.

Inside Access Door

To gain access to wood pellets from inside the house, simply lift the access door.

Premium Pellet System
Patent Pending

New & Improved Version Coming Soon!



  • No more unsightly pallets on your lawn
  • No more carrying 40lb bags
  • No more back strain
  • No more going out in the cold for a bag
  • No need to buy a lot of wood pellets upfront
  • No worry that retailers will sell out near the end of the season
  • The waterproof bulk container can be filled on a regular basis by our delivery truck, like other fuel type deliveries
  • More inviting for the consumer to use a wood pellet stove
  • Substantially less expensive than any other type of fuel
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Convenient

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We’re Thinking Ahead… Generations Ahead!

Heating with Oil, Gas, & Coal

  • Increases the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, because the combustion of fossil fuels releases ancient carbon, previously trapped under the earth’s surface for thousands of years

Heating with Wood Pellets

  • Pellets On Demand System: Less Pollution – No More Bags!
  • Certified wood or pellet stoves burn longer, cleaner, and more completely
  • Wood & pellet stoves use renewable fuel
  • Does NOT increase the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide because trees are able to absorb this neutral carbon, just as they would the carbon produced by naturally decaying trees