GW1949 Wiseway: Eliminates the Need for Electricity!

There's Nothing Like It!


The GW1949 Wiseway, from the United States, eliminates the need for electricity by utilizing a natural gravity feed system. Gravity replaces the need for mechanical parts, thus requiring less maintenance and in turn you experience fewer breakdowns.

This patented revolutionary design is the only EPA Certified and UL Listed non-electric pellet stove on the market.

Key Specifications:

  • Non-electric pellet stove
  • 1 bag burns for approximately 24 hours on low or 12- 13 hours on high
  • 52″ High
  • 15″ Deep
  • 24″ Wide
  • 60 lb Hopper
  • Heats 2400 square foot house
  • 40,000 BTU

If you’re interested in the GW1949 Wiseway, we really encourage you to watch this video!

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