Both hardwood and softwood make excellent quality pellets. One factor affecting quality is the Ash Content, the less ash the better the quality. The pelletizing process makes factors such as the natural moisture and cellulose content found in both hardwood and softwood very similar. Regardless of type, pellets are approximately 8000 BTU’s/ lb at 6% moisture.

Pellets can be stored indefinitely if they are stored properly. Unfortunately, most bagged pellets are stored improperly at some point during distribution or upon delivery to the customer. For instance, many people will store them outside, in bags that don’t protect the pellets from the sun’s ultraviolet light nor from absorbing some amount of moisture.

There are 2 common reasons for ash buildup:

  • Stove Cleanliness: Your stove may need to be cleaned. We recommend getting your stove professionally cleaned once a year.
  • Outdoor temperatures: When there is a cold spell, you will burn more pellets, resulting in more ash.

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