Inventing the Missing Link in the Wood Pellet Industry


Mission Statement:

Our main objective, here at PELLETS ON DEMAND LTD, is for our customers to be ecstatic about their purchase, not only today, but for many years to come! We invite you to make PELLETS ON DEMAND LTD your “one-stop shop”! Our remarkable reputation is built on providing top-quality products and services for your home!

The Inspiration Behind the Premium Pellet System:

Upon my arrival to the NWT, I was exposed to the use of wood pellets as an alternative for heating houses and commercial buildings. The use of wood pellets is extremely economical; however, the inconvenience of handling 40lb bags during the winter season was a huge drawback.

This issue drew my attention for years until one day I decided to invent the solution. After months of research and trials, I finally had a system that eliminates the use of plastic wood pellet bags for good. By simply sliding a little door, you now have wood pellets at the ready without ever having to go outside!

I have already been fielding international sales calls for my Premium Pellet System as it is on the cutting edge of technology in this industry!

Bringing Function & Beauty to Your Home!

Thanks to my other half, Brenda, we now stock a large range of modern accessories for your stove, bringing function and beauty to your home! Contact us today to experience our exceptional customer service!

Premium Pellet System
Patent Pending