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Premium Pellet System

You Buy

  • Installation included

Premium Pellet System
Patent Pending

Getting set-up is as easy as 1-2-3

We Install

  • We install
  • We paint to match the building
  • If you have leftover siding, we will put it on for you.

You Enjoy!

  • NO more pallets stacked on your lawn!
  • NO more heavy bags!

Patent Pending

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Premium Pellet System

Enjoy the Warmth & Romance of a Fire
Without the Hassle!

Life Is Good!



Premium Pellet System

Building a Home? Doing Renovations?
Enjoy the Convenience! Add Value to Your Home!

Life Is Good!




Premium Pellet System

Pellet Stove in the Basement? No Problem!
No more stacking bags on your lawn!

Life Is Good!




Premium Pellet System

Pellet Stove Upstairs? No Problem!
Never Carry Pellet Bags Upstairs Again!

Life Is Good!


Top 10 Reasons For Buying a Pellet Stove:

1.   Fuel is relatively cheap, easy to handle and store.
2.   Installation is relatively inexpensive and flexible.
3.   Can be thermostatically controlled.
4.   Can run for long hours without the need to refuel.
5.   Heat output is steady because fuel feed is regulated.
6.   Provides powerful convection heat.

7.   Has the lowest emissions of all solid fuels.
8.   Reduces our dependence on fossil fuels.
9.   Pellets are a renewable fuel.
10. Wood pellets are made of 100% residual matter (saw dust). This creates added-value from waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Services We Offer

From Start to Finish, We’re by Your Side


Premium Pellet System Installation



Pellet & Wood Stove Installation



Pellet & Wood Stove Inspections

WETT Certified
Wood Energy Technology Transfer


Chimney Cleaning

Annual cleanings are essential for your safety!


& Much, Much More!

Give us a call and we’ll try our best to provide whatever service you require.

People are talking…

“Many homes in Northern Canada are heated by wood pellet stoves, but the pellets often come in 20-kilogram sacks that are inconvenient to carry in the winter…But a Hay River, N.W.T., inventor and contractor believes he’s solved that…The system includes an outdoor hopper holding about a week’s worth of pellets that can be customized to match the exterior of the home… The airtight containers and pipes funnel the pellets inside the home where they can be accessed by opening a small door cut into the home’s wall…  pellets will be delivered into the container, such as fuel or propane.”

The Associated Press/Pat Wellenbach with files from Lawrence Nayally

CBC News North

“It’s simple, but at the same time it’s really going to help the biomass industry in the North and probably all over the world.”

Tom Gross

South Slave Regional Energy Project Coordinator, Arctic Energy Alliance

“Such a game changer to the home owner. 95 percent dust reduction. Not only that, it’s environmentally friendly…”

Canadian Biomass

An NWT-based company, Pellets on Demand, was recently featured in Canadian Biomass magazine. Heating with biomass (like cord wood and pellets) is big in the NWT, so it’s great to see local companies developing innovative ways to help people use their stoves.

Arctic Energy Alliance

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Amazing Accessories For Your Home

Or Treat someone you love to a gift they’ll love!

Polar Furnace

Clean, Simple Heating with Wood
– Outdoor Hot Water Wood Furnaces
– Make in Canada/ EPA Certified

J.A. Roby

Cicero LX Cookstove
– Eco Friendly
– The Only EPA Certified Cookstove on the Market

GW1949 Wiseway

There’s Nothing Like It
– Non-electric pellet stove
–  1 bag burns for approx. 24 hours on low or approx. 13 hours on high


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